Summer Activity Printable Checklists

Summer Activity Printable Checklists

It is that time of year again when the warmer weather starts to arrive, along with all of those happy thoughts of the fun things that you get to do while it is warm. While you may have the best intentions on making this summer the best for you and your kids, sometime a slight burnout takes place and the ideas on fun activities dry up….. Don’t be ashamed, it happens to us all.


To help the boredom not creep in, we have gathered up some of our favorite summer activity printable checklists for you to use to make this summer one the best that you have ever had. Checklists are great ways to help plan out events for the summer and to keep you and your kids looking forward to the fun summer activities on the printable checklists.


Here are some of the best Summer Activity Printable Checklists has two great lists, one pre-filled with activities and one that you fill out yourself.

Pre-filled list – Summer activity printable checklists 

Do it yourself – Printable summer activity checklists has a simple fun summer checklist to print

Simple Summer Fun Printable Checklist has a great printable summer fun to do list

Summer Fun To Do List lists a fun summer bucket list

Printable Summer Bucket List provides some printable summer calendars

June Printable

July Printable

August Printable

Create your own summer activity printable checklists with some fun DIY chalkboards.

This summer when your kids are saying that they are bored or they have nothing to do… tell them to look at the summer fun lists that you have on hand. Hopefully these will help you avoid the pitfalls of the summer boredom syndrome. So go ahead and print off one or all of these great summer resources, or if you are feeling up to it, use them to make your own. Have a great summer!

Check out some of mycutehomes fun lists.