Must Have Halloween Lights

Super Cute Must Have Halloween Lights

We love Halloween. What is it about Halloween decoration being so cute? Well, one of our opinions is the bright decorations that are around while we are out in the dark. So, we have a great helpful list of cute Halloween Lights decorations. Grab some for this fall and get your spooky on.

CUTE Halloween Lights

Light up your home and decor with themed lights. These are super cute and help add that extra something to your Halloween.

Ghost and Pumpkin LED Lights








You can get 2 sets of these cute lights for under $25!

  • Three lighting options: on, off, flashing
  • Bright LED lights that last a long time
  • Battery powered so they can be used anywhere

Get Your Ghost and Pumpkin Lights Here or See More Details.


Blue Halloween Bat Lights








These super cute Bat Halloween lights are cheap and a great addition to your decor. Less than $13(click the green link below).

  • High Quality Casing for Durability
  • Battery Powered so they can be used everywhere
  • LED light bulbs for extended use

Blue LED Halloween Bat Lights.


Neon Glow Wire

This stuff is SO COOL! Great option to add Halloween Lights to any decoration.








There are lots of colors to choose from. These can be added to your decor or to your costumes.

  • Battery pack controller
  • 9 foot or 15 foot options
  • Red, White, Pink, Blue, Clear, Green and Purple color options.

Get Your Very Own Glow Wire Here. 




  • 100 light strand
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • 100 lights for under $18

Candy Corn Lights


Make your Halloween bright and fun with some of these great lighting products.